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  • Crafters will ignore item frames that are on any Collectors near them, so you can place collectors near crafters now.
  • Crafters will deposit empty buckets (such as in the cake recipe) into any inventory in front of them, if available, rather than just spitting them out.
  • Crafters will now craft custom items, such as hammers.
  • Fixed machine limits being ignored.
  • Only island party members can change spawners on their island. Trusted players will no longer be able to.
  • Removed a couple unused recipes that were available in the FastCraft system.
  • Fixed Collector item frames hanging in the air forever when a collector is destroyed.
  • Fixed Placers not updating mcMMO, resulting in mining boosts working indefinitely on placed blocks.
  • Fixed Frost Walker converting water to ice on islands you don't have permission to build on.

16 Jun 2016, 03:49 1 | 137

Since Memorial Day's right around the corner, June's sale will be starting early!
From today until June 7th, the following items are all 50% off!

In addition, ALL NoScope Glasses are 10% off! =D

24 May 2016, 22:16 1 | 292