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April's sale is starting early! To celebrate Easter, all ranks are 50% off until April 7th! Also 50% off are:

  • NEW Limited Time Easter Kit
  • Flower Kit
  • ¥130,000
  • 100 MCMMO Credits
  • 100 Towny Townblocks
  • Backyard Garden Schematic
  • Greenhouse Schematic
  • Rooftop Garden Schematic
  • Garden Furniture Pack
  • Hats Cosmetics Pack
  • Particles Cosmetics Pack

Each purchase comes with a special Easter Villager Spawn Egg! =D

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Note: Please enable the server Resource Pack to see the custom items

Players now have the ability to use magic wands, spells, and items in Towny!
Wands are craftable items that can store spells. Wands are bound to you and cannot be used by other players. Each wand is unique and if you lose it, you lose the spells that it contained and will have to make a new one.
To craft a wand you need a Nether Star and a Blaze Rod.

You'll start off with a basic wand with a single spell. While holding the wand, your Exp bar becomes your Mana bar. Mana restores itself over time and is used when casting spells. Different spells require different amounts of Mana. While holding the wand, your Exp Levels will change to your Skill Points. Skill Points are used to upgrade your wand with new spells. You can earn Skill Points by successfully casting spells. To upgrade your wand with new spells, right-click an Enchanting Table with your wand and choose your spell. Once you've aquired all of the spells for your wand, your wand will upgrade to the next tier and you'll have more spells to choose from. Sneak+clicking an enchantment table will open the spell upgrade menu.

Using your wand is pretty simple and intuitive. Left-click to cast your spell. Press your Drop key (Q by default) to switch to the spell menu. You'll see your spells in your inventory and on your hotbar. Press the number keys on your keyboard to select a spell from your hotbar and your wand will cast that spell when you left-click. You can move spells around in your hotbar to organize them how you want. If you open your inventory with the spell menu open, you'll see any extra spells that don't fit in your hotbar there and you can move them in and out of your hotbar when you want. If you have more spells than your inventory can hold, click outside your inventory to cycle between the extra pages of spells. Pressing the Offhand switch key (F by default) while holding the wand will cycle between two hotbars for your wand, so you can store even more spells ready to cast.

There are new magical items you can craft:

Night Vision Goggles:


Magic Hat:


Diving Helmet:


Master Sword:

Wizard's Scarf:

Wizard's Robes:

Wizard's Pants:

Wizard's Boots:

Apprentice Scarf:

Apprentice Robes:

Apprentice Pants:

Apprentice Boots:


Some other updates:

  • Daimyo+ now keep Exp on death
  • VIP, Genin, and Chunin get 4 rows in their enderchest
  • Jonin, Daimyo, and Shogun get 5 rows in their enderchest
  • Tokubetsu, Heichou, and Nukenin get 6 rows in their enderchest
  • Migrate items from your old enderchest into your new one with "/ec", which will open your old enderchest. The command will be removed in a week.
  • The end now resets every 14 days, like the nether.
  • Beetroot and Beetroot Seeds are available in "/shop"
  • Mending and Frost Walker are available in "/enchant" for VIP+

Towny updates:

  • New Nation price reduced to 10,000
  • New Outpost price reduced to 1,000
  • Claim Townblock price reduced to 100
  • Purchase bonus Townblock price reduced to 500
  • Nation daily tax reduced to 1,000
  • Town daily tax reduced to a flat 100
  • Both Nations must agree to an alliance
  • Fish are sellable

20 Mar 2016, 13:04 1 | 322