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05 Dec 2017, 06:03


It's December! Know what that means? Christmas sale! =D

From now until January 1st, everything in the store is 50% off!
Every purchase comes with a free holiday-themed "Present" that you'll receive in-game. =P

Now's the time to grab anything you've been wanting from the Store, or maybe even spread some holiday cheer by gifting something to a friend!

Updates since the last announcement:
  • Fixed lost Skylord ranks by re-applying them when you login. This should prevent them from being randomly lost again in the future. Darn things are always wandering about and getting lost.
  • Increase Slime spawning in Swampland biomes in Skyblock by making them ignore the moon phases. As long as it's dark enough for hostile mobs to spawn, slimes will spawn every now and then.
  • That's it. Not much has happened since the last announcement. XD
19 Nov 2017, 12:38

Thanksgiving Sale!

Thanksgiving Sale
Thanksgiving is right around the corner so from now until November 27th, everything in the store except Sponsor is 50% off!

Updates since the last announcement:
  • Fixed not being able to remove half stacks from furnaces
  • Fixed not being able to shift-click items into furnaces
  • Fixed not being able to move items in a furnace by right-clicking with a stack of items
  • Fixed Cargo Output Nodes ignoring frequencies/channel IDs
  • Fixed duplication exploit with Slimefun blocks and pistons
  • Fixed some talismans not working correctly
  • Possibly fixed Cargo Output Nodes turning into CSCoreLib heads
  • Improved memory usage and fixed memory leaks with Slimefun
  • Increased overall performance and fixed random bugs with Slimefun
  • Fixed duplication exploit with automatic inventory deposit and Shulker Boxes
  • Fixed claiming townblocks in a radius with "/t claim " in Towny
  • Fixed all furniture that had messed up rotations as best I could
  • Replaced the Fridge, Bench, and Mailbox (now renamed to PostBox) furniture with entirely new models.
  • Added inventory to the Fridge, PostBox, and KitchenCabinet furniture.
  • Modified the Desk furniture with a new chair and keyboard, cutting out hundreds of armor stands, and made the new chair dye-able.
  • Made the seat in the PaddedChair furniture dye-able.
  • Made the Fireplace furniture light-able by right-clicking it.
  • Fixed several missing Furniture recipes.
  • Fixed the "There is already a piece of furniture at this location" error when placing furniture in the same spot a previously broken furniture was located.
  • Changed furniture purchases to apply to all servers and updated players' furniture permissions that have already been purchased.
  • Fixed receiving a broken case key when purchasing a rank.
  • Fixed the /top, /jump, /back, and /fly vote rewards.